El Mundo de los Miserables y Oportunistas

SP - Mientras gran parte de los países del mundo redoblan sus esfuerzos para combatir la pandemia del Covid 19, en otras regiones, la lucha contra la enfermedad va a la par de las refriegas en el campo de batalla, las limitaciones en los procesos migratorios, el lucro militar y de tráfico de personas.

Actions to fight, whether against terrorist groups, international coalition aggressions, occupation and colonization of territories, as well as the need to escape from those wars that cause millions of dead, wounded, the destruction of infrastructure of those nations, as well as millions of refugees seeking better life prospects and displaced from their places d. War in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Libya, South Sudan. Destabilization operations, sanctions, blockades, embargoes against North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, Lebanon. Occupation and colonization of Palestine and the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.

A panorama that must also contend with difficulties in accessing equipment, drugs, international support that allows them to fully fight against the pandemic. A scenario that also presents wonderful examples, in which despite these difficulties there are countries like Cuba that not only face the pandemic, but are able to support developed countries and those most affected by their medical brigades and their knowledge. its deficient economic and social condition. In this context of international crisis, from the health and economic point of view, we find entities and regimes, which often benefit from the drama and pain of societies. Always looking for the opportunity to fill their coffers with money through the sale of supplies, equipment and artifacts of war and security,

Such is the fact related to immigrants, that from the African continent and specifically from Libyan coasts, they usually embark on their precarious and fragile barges, to seek a better life on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea. According to UNHCR's Special Envoy for the Central Mediterranean, Vincent Cochetel, departures from Libya increased by 290%, 6,629 attempts between January and the end of April of this year 2020, compared to the same period last year, and in the case from Tunisia you are up 156%.

Where the horizon glimpses pain, tears, separation of families, uncertainty, others see gains by dedicating themselves to human trafficking or providing surveillance elements to prevent those immigrants from reaching their best destination and being detained, either prior to boarding their fragile barges or in full navigation, when luck allows them not to be swallowed by that enormous cemetery for men, women, including children, anonymous dead, which has once become Mare Nostrum. One of these opportunists, specifically in the Maghreb area, is the military industry, which has continued to inflate its pockets with the war, the intensification of aggressions and the catalysis of the conflict in Libya, which is currently experiencing the fragmentation of its territory,

Five years ago, referring to Libya, its invasion, the destruction of its social fabric, gave account of the hypocrisy of a West, which despite having disintegrated a country, destabilized the entire area of ​​the Maghreb and the Middle East and generated the greatest number of displaced persons and refugees in the past 70 years, wishes to continue the work of destruction, crime and submission for millions of human beings. In the specific case of Libya, the presence of political, military and economic interests of Washington, France, Great Britain, Turkey, Qatar, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Italy, mainly, is not to make Western-style democracy flourish. It is plain and simple to: usurp the Libyan crude oil that is produced and that of reserves. In addition to stopping the departure of tens of thousands of men and women, who set sail from Libyan ports at the risk of their lives to enter the European fortress. The goal is to refloat Libya as Gendarme, at the tip of ships, troops, and drones.

In what has been described, there are actions that generate even more outrage, and this refers to operations aimed at preventing the free movement of people, making it impossible to search for new opportunities, monitoring them even before they begin their transit to unknown lands, as well as on their journeys. and even in those places where they manage to disembark and in this way give notice to the police and military forces to apprehend, lock them up and, in many cases, return them to their places of origin.

These are not soldiers, commandos specialized in attacking specific targets, but human beings who risking everything, leaving behind families, their few belongings and their homeland, venture on a journey without certainty of reaching term. Human beings who come from Sub-Saharan Africa, from Sahelian countries and from the Maghreb itself, who venture to reach Libya to try to occupy one of the vessels, which after paying thousands of dollars takes them to the southern border of Europe .

This route is occupied because Ceuta and Melilla, Spanish colonial enclaves located in the territory of Morocco, are converted into almost impregnable forts, which only have some possibility of use, both they and the nearby areas, as a springboard for the departure of boats with immigrants, when the Moroccan monarchy wants to put pressure on Spain to get advantages in its trade agreements with Europe. Like the so-called Canary Route, which is less and less important in terms of the number of migrant departures to the European continent.

One of the entities involved in achieving the highest returns on its sales of weapons, surveillance systems and other devices that it has managed to insert into the multimillion-dollar arms and security trade in the world is the Israeli regime, which, taking advantage of its links with the ruling castes and military circles in European political organizations win succulent contracts, such as the one signed with the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, signed with the name of Frontex and the European Agency for Maritime Safety, known as EMSA.

Both, according to press reports and complaints from human rights organizations such as the NGO Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, which in the words of Ramy Abdo, president of this organization "have spent two years investing millions of euros in drones for border control purposes . They are mainly drones made by Israeli companies Elbit Systems Ltd. and Israel Aerospace Industries. " Companies, which are also often implicated in acts of corruption, as has been the case with their ties to the Chilean armed forces. (one)

This Israeli company was awarded, in November 2018, a tender for 60 million euros to deliver drones to EMSA, for two years. Drones of the Hermes 900 type whose testing was carried out against human beings in the 2014 aggression against Gaza that resulted in 2,350 Palestinians killed and 10,000 wounded. For Abdo, “This purchase would encourage and incentivize Israel to exercise more brutality against Palestinians to demonstrate the effectiveness of their weapons to potential buyers. Furthermore, they would avoid the EU agencies the moral and legal responsibility of having to rescue migrants, distressed at sea ”.

When speaking of drones, I mean the star of military aviation apparatuses and intelligence agencies. Unmanned aerial vehicles, which are usually in the news center for the bombings they carry out to enclaves of groups in conflict, economic, industrial infrastructures, pipelines, selective assassinations and in the case that I have mentioned to the control and monitoring of human beings in condition of immigrants. Tools, therefore, of repression and support for a policy of preventing the free movement of people, in clear divergence with that idea of ​​globalization, which for the hegemonic power only implies the free movement of goods and money but not of human beings.

The shamefulness of using these surveillance devices of Zionist origin is not only that they deal with the repression of the right of mobilization of human beings, but that such devices have been proven, in the occupied Palestinian territories where their use has been in the widest range of possibilities: espionage, surveillance of people, bombings of cities in the Gaza Strip, selective assassinations of political and military cadres of the Palestinian resistance, indiscriminate bombings, among other activities.

The European Union and in general international organizations such as the UN through their institutions _ UNHCR, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, among others, have undeniable responsibilities under international law, whether providing refuge for those who cross the Mediterranean, protect the lives of these people and do not use military equipment against civilians. And, in this framework, it is absolutely condemnable and necessary to sanction with the application of the legal tools that we have available to entities, organizations and countries that miserably and opportunistically benefit from wars, immigration processes and human trafficking, I already know by selling weapons and surveillance equipment,

Europe cares little for the death toll that the Mediterraneanday by day it is carried to its depths. There is little interest in offering what I usually maintain regarding prospects for economic development, fair trade, solidarity relations with the African continent, which prevent, from the grassroots, that their men and women leave their land. Nobody wants to leave behind families, homes, culture, loves, their entrails if it is not for an extreme need. Europe does not lose the dream that hundreds of thousands of possible immigrants are crowded on the coasts of Zabratha, Misrata, Tripoli or Zuwara waiting for the moment to set sail for the southern European border. And even less is his conscience shaken by the death of a hundred, a thousand or tens of thousands of beings considered to be of the second category. What really matters to Europe is that none of those "undesirables" touch European soil and for that, use drones,

Pablo Jofré Leal

Exclusive to segundopaso.es

1. In July of the year 2018 in an interesting investigation carried out by Radio Bio Bio https://www.biobiochile.cl/especial/noticias/reportajes/reportajes-reportajes/2018/07/09/milicogate-descovern-e- Investigating-duplicate-bills-for-200-million-dollars.shtml. Judicial investigations carried out in Chile revealed a corruption scheme - duplicate invoices - that involved the Chilean army along with arms companies from various countries, including arms companies from the United States and Israel, for six hundred sixty-one million dollars. , made through one hundred forty-seven suppliers. Of these, almost a third corresponded to duplicate invoices, from only ten companies. The payroll, according to a journalistic investigation, was headed by FAMAE, the state war master, with forty-four invoices duplicated for 83 million dollars. Eurocopter Chile showed up with four duplicated instruments for $ 29 million, Elbit Systems Land and C4 Tadiran from Israel with $ 22 million,

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